​2. We will schedule a date to meet you at your home for measurements, photographs, and sketching the existing structure.

Preliminary Period

  • Our work on your project begins with sketches of your existing property and ideas.
  • Within a few weeks, we will meet for you to review our drafts of your proposed floor plan layout and exterior elevations depicting the renovation and/or the addition.
  • Contact us for an appointment to discuss your evaluation and proceed with modifications. ​
How We Plan Ahead


Initial Consultation welcomes you to our "home"

  • At our first meeting, our focus is YOU and YOUR ideas  for your home 
  • Shortly thereafter you will receive our estimate to draft and design construction documents for permits, contractors, administrations, and your VIPs!​ 


Revision Phase

  • During this stage, we amend the proposed plans to fulfill your unique style and construction requirements.
  • Alterations are necessary to customize your home to fit your lifestyle.  We adjust and explain the plan’s variations as many times as it takes to earn your 100% approval before we move onto the last phase.


2. Our work on your project begins and within a few weeks, we will contact you to review our drafts of your proposed floor plan layout and exterior elevations​

Call to Plan Ahead  410-822-3447

Final Structural Phase

  • Now, you authorize us to start the final working drawings of your new home.
  • You can expect your set of plans to include the following pages:
  1. Title Page
  2. Site Plan
  3. Existing Floor Plans and Elevations (required for additions and renovations)
  4. New Floor Plans (all levels)
  5. New Exterior Elevations 
  6. Foundation Plans 
  7. Floor Framing Plans
  8. Roof Framing
  9. Stormwater Roof and Runoff Plan
  10. Cross-sections
  11. Window and Door Schedules