• Site Plan (a.k.a. plot plan, location survey, and/or plats)

  • Sketches (We won't laugh, promise)

  • Pictures, photographs, articles, magazines, Pinterest

  • Ideas and in-depth design concepts​

  • Our Design Questionnaire (Shameless Self-Promotion)


Help us to help you, please bring any or all of the following items with you 

  • Well and Septic System Owners Also Bring:
    • A diagram of the location of your existing and/or abandoned well
    • SRA (Sewage Reserve Area) and/or SDA (Sewage Disposal Area)

The terrific folks at your local Health Department and your area's Environmental Health Department are happy to assist you in your search.

We developed a questionnaire to help you think through the design process needed to plan your new home, addition, or renovation. This document focuses on each area of your home by detailing your options to provide the best use of space in your customized home.

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